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Purchase readWEB and hear online text read aloud

With readWEB 2.0 the users can highlight a text, click on read WEB’s play button and the text will be read aloud. Read WEB is both easy to use and implement on your website. ReadWEB also increases the accessibility of the site.

The text is read automatically using one of the markets best high quality speech synthesizers. The user does not need to install extra software and will not be subject to irritation by pop-up windows that need to be manually closed when the reading is finished.

There are two versions of readWEB 2.0:

  • readWEB 2.0 – Standard, which reads any highlighted text on the website aloud. The user can adjust the reading speed and sound quality.
  • readWEB 2.0 – Luxury, which reads any highlighted text on the website, in pdf, Word (ver. 97-2003) and ODF documents aloud. The user can adjust the reading speed and sound quality.

With read WEB you receive:

  • readWEB 2.0 can read Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, German, Spanish and French text. readWEB automatically determines in which language the text will be read. You can also test how readWEB reads the website when more than one language is used.Try a demo of LIS. 




•    Increases accessibility
•    Simple and intuitive service – no installation of extra software
•    High quality speech synthesis
•    No pop-up windows
•    Several different appearances
•    Possibility for different languages and automatic language identification (e.g. Danish, English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian).

Technical Requirements

Website requirements: You must be able to insert a single line in the html code on the websites that are to be read aloud.

Requirements for your users: must be able to run Java script and accept cookies.

Read WEB 2.0 supports most operating systems and browsers in widespread use – Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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